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Who can be an athlete?

Anyone can be an athlete on PlayBook. Whether you are starting fresh with a new sport or have been training in the sport for years. PlayBook caters for all levels of fitness and skill, so you don’t have to be someone who is aspiring to play for Australia. We’re all about the individual achieving their personal goals. Plus, it’s free to sign up and be an athlete on PlayBook.

How do I coordinate coaching session details with my coach?

When making a booking, you will receive a notification that specifies your coaching session details. This includes your Coach name, the location, time and duration of the session. If you need to contact your Coach prior to the coaching session, you are able to message your coach using the “Messages” tab in your Athlete profile. Here is a video that outlines the messaging process:

How do I create an account?

Go to and click Sign In/Up. Select “I’m an Athlete” or “I’m a Coach”. Creating a PlayBook profile requires a valid email address. You will need to create a password that is greater than 6 characters. Fill in your first name, last name, email address, mobile number and password. After you complete these fields and select Sign Up, you will receive an email to verify your email address. You may need to check your spam folder for this email. Once you select the link in the verification email, you will be directed to the PlayBook sign in page. Sign In and complete your Athlete / Coach profile. Here is a video on how to sign up as an athlete: Here is a video on how to sign up as a coach:

I’ve forgotten my password or I want to reset it, what do I do?

Visit and click Sign In/Up. Select “I’m an Athlete” or “I’m a Coach” and click on the "Help!" button. Enter the email address you used to sign up, and click on the “Reset Password” button once you’re done. You will then be emailed a link to reset your password. You may need to check your spam folder for this email. Alternatively, you can reset your password within your Athlete or Coach profile. Under Account Information, click on the Reset button next to password, and you will receive an email to reset your password.

Insurance - What isn't covered?

PlayBook Insurance covers the independent contractor Worker (PlayBook Coaches) registered on PlayBook for their liability, third party personal injury or property damage whilst performing PlayBook-related coaching sessions. The policy does not cover first person personal injury or property damage for the PlayBook Worker, and should not be considered a replacement for workers compensation, salary protection or other similar types of insurance. Like all insurance policies, there are exclusions. For example, the insurance does not cover where a PlayBook Coach sub-contracts the coaching session to another PlayBook Coach. The Coaching Session must be booked via the PlayBook booking service to be covered by insurance. Please note, that the PlayBook Worker is required to contribute an excess payment to cover their share of the loss, and the Athlete is required to recover their loss directly from the PlayBook Coach for claims up to the value of this excess payment. The PlayBook Coach also needs to be registered on PlayBook to be covered by the insurance policy. If the Athlete allows a non-registered PlayBook Worker to complete the coaching session, the activities associated with the coaching session are not covered by the insurance policy. There are also certain types of activities that are excluded. If you are unsure about whether the activities during the performance of a session are covered under PlayBook Insurance, or would like more information about the Insurance Policy, please contact us at

Is PlayBook available outside Australia?

PlayBook is an Australian organisation, but if you are located overseas and you want a session with one of our Coaches, you could book an online mentoring or coaching session with some of our Coaches. To express your interest, please complete the Contact Us form on the website.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a third-party payment system that we utilise to pay your Coach securely and efficiently. Stripe handles payments for internet and app businesses. Worldwide they process billions of dollars every year. For more information about Stripe, please visit their website at

How do I add or change my profile picture?

To add or change your profile picture, go to “My Athlete/Coach Profile”. Just click on the image circle and upload a photo. The photo should be a headshot. If you are a coach and want profile pic recommendations just let us know at

How do I find a coach?

On the PlayBook home page select your sport to view the Coaches available. If you want a location based search, you can input your suburb or postcode and see if there is a Coach near you. You will see an overview of each Coach in the search results. Just select their profile to see more detail. Their bio, expertise and reviews should give you a great idea on which coach is right for you.

My profile picture is larger than 1MB so it won’t upload, what do I do?

You can resize your image by changing the resolution. For example, on a Mac you can open the image in Preview and go to Tools – Adjust Size and reduce the Resolution. The resulting size will be displayed, just check this is less than 1MB. Any questions – let us know and we can help.

What happens if my booking request is declined?

If your Coach has declined your booking request, you may try to book with that Coach again for a different time or choose another Coach. Please note that payment for your Coaching Session is only taken 24 hours out from training for a confirmed training sessions, so your pre-authorisation hold will be released back to you if a booking request is declined or expires.

How do I edit my Athlete profile?

You can edit the information in your profile by selecting “My Athlete Profile”. Your Athlete Profile includes information about where you are located (your homeground), your sport and training goals. Your account information includes your personal details such as email address, mobile number and home address. You can also reset your password here.

Why are the prices for each coach different?

Coaches choose how much they charge for their coaching sessions. When setting prices, coaches take into consideration their expertise and experience, coaching facility costs they have to pay, their travel expenses and any equipment they supply.

Is PlayBook available in my city?

PlayBook has launched across Australia. If you have any queries regarding PlayBook in your city, contact us here

How do I check the status of my booking request when I request a Coaching session?

Check for the status of your booking requests in “My Schedule” under “Pending Requests” or “Upcoming Sessions”. Coaching requests will be in the Pending section until the Coach accepts or declines the booking. If the Coach does not respond to your booking request prior to 24 hours of your training session, then the booking will expire. We will let you know that your booking request hasn’t been confirmed, and you can try booking again for another time.

Are the Coaches verified before qualifying to be a coach on PlayBook?

PlayBook Coaches are required to have a valid Working with Children card (WWC), which we verify via the State specific validation website/process. Any coaching qualifications listed on the Coach’s Profile have been verified via a certificate or direct confirmation with the issuing sporting body. We attempt to verify all coaching qualifications, however, the success of verifying these is dependent on each sporting body or issuer.

Are there any fees to signing up to be an athlete?

Joining PlayBook is completely free. When you pay for a coaching session, your Coach will pay a 15% coaching fee to PlayBook. The amount paid to PlayBook from the Coach covers the technical booking platform, advertising and insurance (see further details in the Insurance FAQ).

How do I utilise a coupon/promo code?

On the Coach’s profile, select a location, day and duration for your coaching session and select the ‘Request Now’ button. In the next screen, you will see an area to enter your promo code, input your code and then select the “Apply” button. You should see an updated Total Cost based on the promo code you have entered. You will be asked to input your credit card details even if the promotion is for a free coaching session. If there is an issue with the promo code, a notification will appear. Please note that once you select the “Apply” button your coupon code is considered redeemed. If you have any issues with applying your promotional code please contact us for assistance.

How can I review my coaching session?

As an athlete, you can provide a review for any Coaches that you have had a PlayBook Coaching session with. Once you have completed your Coaching session you will receive an email to provide feedback. This feedback helps the Coach better their best, and it also helps other Athletes understand more about that Coach so they can evaluate which Coach is best for them. If a Coach has reviews, you can see these on their Coach Profile. Here is a video on how to write a review:

How can I edit my payment details?

You can edit your bank card details within your “My PlayBook – Update Card Details”. Updating your card details will update all your upcoming and future transactions to this new card. Here is a video on how to update your card details:

How can I reschedule my training session?

If you would like to reschedule your training session, please message the Coach directly to arrange a new day, time or coaching location. The Coach can then reschedule the training session within their PlayBook account. Once, this is actioned your 'My Schedule' will be updated.

Can I book a coaching session on behalf of my child?

Yes. Under “My Athlete Profile” you have an option to add another athlete, this is where you can add in your children that you will schedule (and pay) sessions for. Once you add in your dependants, you can select their name when you book a coaching session.

How does the Availability work?

As a coach, you can nominate specific days and times that you are available. You can also be specific with your available time slots across the day e.g. available from 8-10am and 3-6pm on Tuesdays (you do not have to be available for the whole day).

How will I be paid?

PlayBook utilises an automated payment process. You will be paid directly into your nominated bank account once the payment has been received from the customer and processed by Stripe (the third-party payment system). Payments occur weekly on a Wednesday (2+ days after the coaching session has been completed). The payment timeframe depends on Stripe and your financial institution.

Do I need a Working with Children (WWC) card?

A Working with Children card is essential if you intend to coach children under 18 years of age. If you don’t have a WWC card you can apply online, Google “Working with Children Card” and your Australian state (as the application is state specific). You will find the application form online. Applying for a WWC card may take a few weeks to be processed, however, you can still register to be a Coach during this time. You can also google working with children and the state you are located for more information.

I am an overseas resident, am I eligible to Coach with PlayBook Australia?

You must be eligible and have the right to work in Australia to be a PlayBook Coach. We will need a document to verify this. This could be your Australian or New Zealand Passport / Birth Certificate / Citizenship Certificate / Valid Visa with work rights / Evidence of resident status. Please note this is a contractor arrangement.

What are the service fees?

Creating your coach profile is free. Each time a booking is made with you (the Coach), 15% of the coaching session price is forwarded to PlayBook. This amount is taken directly from the coaching session payment and the rest is forwarded to you directly. The amount paid to PlayBook from each booking covers the technical booking platform, marketing and insurance (see further details in the Insurance FAQ).

As an athlete, how do I cancel a coaching session?

You can cancel a coaching session in “My Schedule” under “Upcoming Sessions” (or “Pending Requests” if the Coach has not accepted or declined the booking yet). If you cancel your coaching session with more than 12 hours notice, your payment preauthorisation will be released / your payment refunded. If you cancel within 12 hours of the coaching session, you will be charged the full amount of the session. Here is a video that outlines how to cancel a session:

How do I edit my coach profile?

Your Coach Profile is the information that is made public in the PlayBook search function. It is a way for potential clients to get an understanding of who you are as a coach. Your Account Information is your personal information such as your address, which will remain private to you and will not be displayed on your public Coach Profile. You can edit both areas by logging into your Coach profile and selecting “Edit Profile” or “Edit Account”.

As a Coach, how can I cancel a coaching session?

You are able to cancel a coaching session in “My Schedule - Upcoming Sessions”. Please note you cannot undo this action. You will not be paid for any coaching sessions that you cancel. Here is a video that shows you how to cancel a session: You can now also accept or decline sessions via the notification email. All you need to do is scroll to the bottom and press accept or decline and it will be confirmed in your schedule. Keep in mind that you also have reschedule functionality, that might be a better option than cancelling, depending on the situation.

How does PlayBook work?

When you train with the best, you get better. We’re all about helping people achieve results beyond what they previously thought possible. PlayBook is an online platform for athletes to find quality coaches. We operate across many sports and cities. We are here to connect you to the right people. Hear about Chris Lynn and why PlayBook?: Here's an example of a session with Adam Treloar

As a Coach, where can I update my payment bank details?

Send us an email with your new details to

How can I tell if a coach is available?

On your chosen Coach’s profile page, select your location, day and booking duration. In the list of times the blue ones represent available times and the red times are unavailable times. You may also see a notification appear when you select the ‘Request Now’ button, advising whether the Coach is available or not. Keep in mind that some Coaches are only available on certain days and times. Scan through their calendar to check what is available for you to book.

What is the recommended price range for a coaching session?

What you charge is up to you. Some factors to consider with your pricing are your skills, experience and qualifications. It is also important for you to consider any fixed costs of the venue or training equipment and your travel time. You can easily edit your prices via your Coach Profile, so just start with something that you think is fair and if necessary adjust from there.

How can I delete/deactivate my account?

We understand sometimes, you don't want to be a part a community anymore. All you need to do is let us know via and we can deactivate or delete your account on our end.

Can I book multiple sessions with a coach?

You sure can! All you need to do is request a booking session and then you press on recurring booking checkbox towards the bottom of the booking screen. You can choose how many sessions you would like to request, you can choose the frequency and even the day you would like the session to be on. Each session will go to the coach as an individual session and they can then accept or decline the sessions they are available for.

As a Coach, how do I find athletes?

Athletes will view your profile and have the functionality to book a session with you through the PlayBook platform. When someone books a session with you, you will receive a notification with the proposed coaching session information, you can accept or decline the training session. You are able to view any pending booking requests in your Coach profile - “My Schedule”. Under “Pending Requests” you will have the option to accept or decline any booking requests. You have until 24 hours prior to the coaching session to respond to the booking request. After this period, PlayBook will automatically notify the athlete that the booking request hasn’t been confirmed and they can try booking for another time. Here is a video that shows you how to either accept or decline sessions:

How do I reschedule a training session?

After accepting a booking request you can reschedule the coaching session in "My Schedule" under "Upcoming Sessions"

Tell me more about the Insurance for Coaches and Athletes.

Please note this is a summary of PlayBook’s Public Liability Insurance policy only. Nothing contained herein is general or personal advice. Furthermore, it is declared and agreed that nothing contained in this summary should be understood to be an express or implied condition, term or exclusion which forms part of the Insurer Policy Terms and Conditions or be relied upon in the event of a Claim. Please contact PlayBook if you are a Coach for access to the Insurance Policy Schedule and/or Policy Wording for information as to the specific coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions afforded by the Insurer in the event of an incident, occurrence or Claim. Please also note that each claim is subject to an Excess payable by the Coach - full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request. You can contact us via our Contact Us Form on our website: This insurance policy provides peace of mind when you’re engaging a coach. While you’re unlikely to experience any injury when you train with a coach, we understand the need for protection. That’s why Sportscover has agreed to indemnify all of our PlayBook Coaches under our public liability & products liability insurance which covers them for up to $10 million in the unlikely event of third party personal injury or property damage claims against them for included activities when completing coaching sessions on PlayBook Australia. PlayBook insurance is subject to the insurance policy terms and conditions. Full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request. The sum insured is up to $10,000,000 for public liability claims (any one occurrence) and $10,000,000 (any one occurrence and in the aggregate) for products liability claims. The PlayBook Coach must pay an excess. Full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request. PlayBook Insurance covers PlayBook coaches across Australia. For more details about the limitation of PlayBook liability and Coach liability see the Terms & Conditions. (

Who can be a PlayBook Coach?

To be a PlayBook Coach you need to be passionate, have a good understanding of your nominated sport/s, be eligible to work in Australia and provide a valid Working with Children card. You don’t need any sport specific coaching qualifications (unless that's a requirement for your sport) but you need to have solid sporting experience and expertise. You can be new to coaching.

How do I organise an online coaching session?

Some of our awesome coaches offer an online coaching session. This is inbuilt in to the PlayBook platform, there's no need to download any software. It's completely automated through the PlayBook website. We take the hassle out of online mentoring allowing you to support the next generation of children.

How do I verify my account?

To verify your account as a coach, you need to fill out all of the required information on Sign Up and an email will be sent to your inbox. Once you verify your email, via the link you can then log in to your account and add in your sport, home ground, bio and any other required information. Once you have filled all of this out, a 'send registration button' will appear. All you need to do is click that button and an email will be sent to us and we can get your profile sorted. To verify your account as an athlete, you need to fill out all of the required information on Sign Up, especially your mobile phone as you can't make a booking without inputting your mobile. Once, you fill out all of the information and verify it via the email in your inbox, you are good to go and start booking sessions.

What are session types?

As a coach, you get a lot of different request for sessions. Some may be team, one on one and small group. You can now add in different session types, times and prices so that athletes can make the booking request for what they are after. You can add as many session types as you would like.

How do I search for a coach?

You can search for coaches in a couple of different ways. You can search via location, sports or keyword. To search via keywords scroll to the bottom of the website and there will be search function. You can enter, position specific for example shooting, GD, or even expertise.

Do I sign up in my name, or my child's name?

As a parent sign up in your name, you can then add in your child/children as multiple athletes via your profile. You can edit each athlete to have their own sport preference and age.

What are the coupon/promo code terms and conditions?

Your coupon code is considered redeemed once you select ‘Apply’. It is not transferable or redeemable for cash or credit. Coupon codes and Gift Cards cannot be combined, only one code can be utilised per booking. Coupon codes and Gift cards cannot be utilised past their expiry date. All standard cancellation policies apply. In the event of a refund the value of the coupon code will not be refunded to you.

How can I contact an athlete?

If you need to contact an athlete to advise of training preparation or perhaps a change of location due to poor weather, you can send them a private message on the PlayBook platform. You can message an athlete who's made a booking request with you via “My Schedule". Select the “Message Athlete” button and chat away. Here is a video that shows you how you can message and athlete:

What is the process to pay a Coach for a coaching session?

When you book a session, you provide your payment details. A pre-authorisation will occur on your card 4 days from your coaching session time (or immediately if your session is within the next 4 days). A pre-authorisation places a hold on the funds in your nominated account. Provided your Coach confirms your booking, the session price will be debited 24 hours prior to your coaching session. The payment for the coaching session will be transferred to your Coach after your coaching session. Here is a video that outlines the booking process:

Do I need to attend training with my child?

Yes! You should absolutely attend training with your child. It's an opportunity to see them learn and grow and you might pick up some tips to help them in their individual training or games as well.

What are the conditions of a PlayBook Gift card?

You can utilise a PlayBook Gift Card code for any PlayBook coaching session. Coach availability, and prices, can change from time to time. When you purchase a gift card we cannot guarantee coach availability, or freeze their prices. We recommend you utilise your gift card as soon as possible. Gift cards are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Gift cards are not refundable or transferrable. There is no additional charge for utilising a Gift Card coupon code on a PlayBook booking. A PlayBook Gift Card may be utilised on more than one session where the Gift Card balance allows.

Do I need to have a profile picture on my Coach Profile?

Every coach profile needs a photo. A great photo. Remember the photo is one way that potential clients will connect with you and choose you as their coach. So, you need a great headshot of yourself. Your image should represent you - professional, engaged and passionate. The quality needs to be crisp and clear; a photo from a good quality smart phone will do the job, just make sure you are in focus, the background isn’t distracting and the lighting is good. Please also remove sunglasses for the photo, your athletes want to see you. If you have any difficulty uploading your photo, just email your photo to us at and we will upload it for you.

What if there is a problem with my payment?

If there is an issue with your pre-authorisation (a hold on the funds in your nominated account) you will be emailed. The pre-authorisation will be attempted daily, for 4 days until it is successful. At any time, you can update your card details via your Athlete Profile – Update Card Details section. If your payment does not go through on the 4th attempt (or an attempt up to 24 hours before the session) then your training session will be cancelled. If your training session comes up prior to the 4th daily attempt and the payment hasn't been successful then the booking with be automatically cancelled. If there is an issue with your session payment (which occurs 24 hours prior to your training session), or if a system or network issue occurs, your training session will be cancelled and you will be notified via email. Here is a video on how to updated your card details: If your session cancels and you want to rebook (with a new card or updated card details) just make a new booking and the payment process will recommence.

Tell me more about the Share your PlayBook Experience to Win!

To enter, share an image, or short video, of your PlayBook session on social media and tag in and your coach. Prize draws are conducted monthly at PlayBook HQ and one winner is selected randomly. The prize is a PlayBook Gift Voucher to the value of $75. Winners are notified their unique Coupon Code via text message, each Gift Voucher code is valid for 2 months from the date of issue. The prize is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash. All entries may be shared on the PlayBook website, blog or social media platforms or in digital or promotional communications. This competition, or any aspect of it, may be changed or withdrawn at any time without prior notification. Please contact PlayBook if you have any questions regarding this Share to Win.