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Highly experienced basketball player & coach. Have worked with kids of all ages & high level prospects. Looking to share my passion and knowledge with aspiring basketball players!

With my training, I've helped my athletes become the highest scorer in their team & league. Many even becoming the league's MVP. I can help take your game to another level with intense drills that I have learnt from NBA trainers. I guarantee that your game will transform if you work with me! I've competed in the U.S, playing College Basketball and was ranked as the #1 Guard in the 2017 Las Vegas Combine. Playing in 'Big V' in 2018, I finished as the Leading Scorer ( 22PPG, 6RPG, 3APG, 1.5SPG) in my league, along with claiming the 'All-Star 5' award. I have played in high level leagues such as NBL1 and Big V for many years, gaining experience that directly translates to my coaching. Standing at 6'0 ft tall at 11 years old, I started playing basketball as the 'big man'. Eventually I made my way to playing Point Guard and am now exceptionally knowledgeable in all positions. *Message for availability*


  • General Basketball Skills
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting
  • Shot Creating
  • Driving & Finishing
  • Defence
  • Foot Speed
  • Passing


  • VIC Working with Children Check expiry 25/10/2023

Coaching Locations

  • Whitehorse Primary School, 70-86 Junction Road, Blackburn North, Whitehorse, VIC 3130, AU

Session Types

One-on-One Coaching 60 MINS $90

Small Group up to 2 athletes 60 MINS $130


Brian - 06-08-2023

Jarrod was exceptional with the training session with my 10 years old twin boys. Their skills improved significantly by learning in fun and positive environment created. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a great coach for young athletes

Jill - 20-02-2022

My husband and I were super impressed with the quality of coaching our son received today from Jarrod. He was very friendly, engaging and patient throughout the training session while teaching specific skills and techniques. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the session, found it to be alot of fun and is looking forward to having another session.

Babak - 21-04-2021

Jarrod coaching style looks professional and disciplined. He starts from basics if you need and take you through the required steps so that you understand your weak points.

Terry - 28-03-2021

I booked a 1 on 1 session for my 8 year old son and all I can say is Jarrod's approach towards training him was outstanding. He was friendly, hard working and takes his basketball teachings very serious. After the first session, my son enjoyed it that much that he didn't want to stop even though he was drenched in sweat and out of breath. My son had a blast which was the icing on the cake. I will definitely book more sessions with Jarrod and I highly recommend him for kids of any age.

Andrea - 16-02-2020

Jarrod was fantastic with my daughter, who is new to basketball. His ability to tailor the session to what she needed was fantastic and she left feeling much more confident. She also really enjoyed the session which is also good. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a coach.

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