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Paralympic and World Championship gold medal winner, I played over a decade for the Steelers, Australia's Wheelchair Rugby team. Through my coaching I hope to develop well rounded athletes with emphasis on the cognitive approach to performance.

As a junior I enjoyed playing Rugby League. I played all my junior football out of South Queensland, and then when I was in year 11 or 12, I signed with the former NRL team, the South Queensland Crushers. After playing a Queensland under-19s match as a curtain raiser to a State of Origin game I was scouted to join the Sydney Roosters. Before joining the club, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left me in a wheelchair. After multiple years coming to terms with things I really needed to start getting fit and active and start living life again. I went down and started training and got into the gym and bought a hand cycle and my wheelchair rugby career started from there. I started playing locally and progressed to the Queensland team within six or 12 months. Within two years, I was on the national team. In my career, I went to three Paralympics and won two gold medals and a silver, as well as a world championship gold and silver. My expertise as a coach are focused more on the cognitive side of performance. Being physically prepared and having a strong cognitive basis will help build greater successes. I want to contribute to the overall development of an athlete through physical and mental coaching. It is great to see the work the athlete puts in pay off and hope to help any athlete who is willing to learn.


  • Skill Aquisition
  • Mentoring
  • Strength and Conditioning


  • QLD Working with Children Card (V) expiry 01/10/2024

Coaching Locations

  • Hawthorne Park Hawthorne, Brisbane, QLD 4171, Australia

Session Types

One-on-One Coaching 30 MINS $70

One-on-One Coaching 45 MINS $85

One-on-One Coaching 60 MINS $100